Fur Care

Congratulations! You decided to buy a fur blanket, a fur coat or a fur jacket!

To uphold your joy about your favourite pieces – and to preserve their quality – we want to give you a few care instructions to take along since your fur fashion products need to be treated just as diligently as leather clothing, sensitive lumber or cars.z
First of all: Wear your fur clothes and accessories! Air benefits fur. Times in which fur fashion was only worn when attending certain festivities and then had to spend the rest of the time in the darkness of a wardrobe are definitely over. New and modern fashion joins high fashion and commercial style by mixing different styles and materials.

Your fur pieces should receive a certain kind of care – just follow these care tips by master furrier Marc Kreiten:

  • Mink, fox or Persian lamb fur (as well as other kinds of fur) never benefit from sprays or perfumes! By applying hair spray or scents the fur’s leather becomes dry, brittle and may even crack. Avoiding contact with these substances is the first important step.
  • Dust is best shaken off your fur products. Do not try to use hard brushes or combs for the fur’s hairs might sustain microscopic damages that can become noticeable over time.
  • Do never give your fur items to the dry-cleaners. Instead, contact a specialised company. Furrier Kreiten, for example, applies a special machine to gently clean your fur products making them smooth and fluffy again. Specialists call this procedure purification. It also prevents the leather from drying out.
  • Only professionals should be allowed to iron your furs – this applies for the hair as well as for the leather.
  • Cracks in the leather should never be repaired with glue or other adhesives! A specialist is able to remedy these blemishes quickly and competently.
  • Rainwater and snow are best shaken off your fur products. Furs should also be given some time to dry in a free-hanging position before shaking off the residual water again. Do never put them near a radiator or another heat source; this harms the leather and might even burn it.
  • Dry radiator air embrittles wet leather as much as dry summer’s air.
  • Storage during summer: Ensure that your fur product is stored in a cool and dark place. Furrier Kreiten provides special storerooms for your furs where fur coats or jackets can estivate under perfect conditions (with respect to ideal humidity and precautions concerning vermin). In case you want to store your fur items at home make sure you do not put them into plastic bags. Instead, breathable garment bags (made of linen or cotton) should be used. Note that your favourite pieces should also be given enough space in your wardrobe.
  • You might know this from leather and textile clothing: handbag straps, bigger bag straps or seatbelts lead to wear marks. But those should not be a reason to leave your fur fashion inside your wardrobe: a furrier is able to fix these small blemishes in his studio. One promise can be made: you will be surprised by the repair’s result and love and wear your old piece like a new one. This does also apply for those fur products that need a new style: alterations, reworks and preparations of any kind are diligently performed by Kreiten’s professional fur studio. Besides, your fur fashion is not simply embellished, most preparations serve to conserve your fur’s value.
  • By enlarging your old fur blanket that suffers from scuffed spots, by adding new leather edges or new linings, we also give your blanket a new and fresh look.