About us

VAPAMI is the young line of accessories and the online shop of Pelze Kreiten, the traditional furriery in Viersen in the Lower Rhine area.


Marc Kreiten, the inventor of VAPAMI, continues this medium-sized company in the second generation. He is a passionate master furrier and fur designer and loves to create innovative style objects by using precious materials.


High-fashion clothing with precious furs, variations and combinations of fur and textiles and individual customizations set objectives in this furriery as well as rearrangements of furs and alterations.


Visit our salesroom, which gives you the opportunity to sight all our handmade collections and invites to primp, to bask and to indulge oneself with furs and combinations of fur and textiles.


We are looking forward to your visit.





                                                                                                                          About us

 We combine young and innovative design ideas with classical and high-class handcraft.


 from left to right:

Marc Kreiten: Fur designer and master furrier. He is the owner of the furriery “Pelze Kreiten” and the online shop VAPAMI.
VAPAMI is his brand.
His favorite VAPAMI article: Finn Raccoon Waistcoat  www.vapami.com/product_info.php

Vera Gerresheim: Indispensable furrier with a keen sense of new trends and fashion design – a qualified specialist for type consultation and custom tailoring. Her VAPAMI must-have: Violet Chapka  www.vapami.com/Bekleidung/Muetzen/Russenmuetze-Chapka-lila::62.html

Beata Bureata: Furrier with broad experience in carefully and gingerly processing various materials. Her focus is on combining different materials.
Her VAPAMI feelgood tip: Scarf and Cap  www.vapami.com/Bekleidung/Muetzen/Strickmuetze-mit-Fuchs-Bommel-vapami-gruen::107.html


Stavros Pashos: His specialty: the delicate technique of letting out (prolonging fur by using special techniques), which requires much experience and precision.
His VAPAMI trend tip 2011: Furry Blaket  www.vapami.com/Wohnkultur/Pelz-Decken/Zobeldecke-aus-Pfoten::92.html

Irene Stevens: Indispensable team assistant and last resort for extraordinary things.
For her VAPAMI autumn 2011 she prefers: Bag www.vapami.com/Bekleidung/Accessoires/VAPAMI-Tasche-Springbock-gruen::94.html