What is the perfect gift for an oenophile? What is durable, decorative and functional? A witty wedding present for bride and groom? Or a sophisticated and impressing looking gift? We all know situations in which we are uncertain about how to make somebody an inventive high-class present. Vapami goes to the rescue! Almost everybody is familiar with Loriot’s clip called “The Egg” in which a married couple is having breakfast. Only Vapami provides something special for this couple and for all other people who challenge life as a pair: delicate egg cosies made of fur, fur coats for breakfast eggs – warming and ornamental at the same time. The perfect gift for a young pair of lovers or those who already celebrate wedding anniversaries. Our wine bottle covers made of fur – tempering fur covers with zippers and a functional inner lining – are ideal presents for wine experts. These bottle sleeves go on sale along with our first own range of Rioja red wines and symbolise enjoyment. White wine and champagne remain pleasantly cool, red wines keep their initial temperature: Only the fur makes it possible to preserve these natural temperatures. You need a present for an Apple fan, especially an iPad user? Well, Vapami! Our iPad cases are first-class gifts for Apple enthusiasts: made of soft leather and fur and equipped with a cleansing Belseta inner lining they are not only special presents for tablet PC users; these cases make their owners really stand out from other nerds and geeks and allow smart Apple users to prove that they have style, even if it’s just an iPad case. Taste, lifestyle, enjoyment – no mortal being signifies this more than James Bond, ans iconic figure in terms of style. While the aforementioned gift ideas already lead people with good taste into temptation, the following will especially make James Bond fans conspicuous, our massage glove made of mink fur: reminding you of the popular movie scene in which 007 massages a woman’s back is by all means intended… A massage glove with the license to pamper – a must-have for Bond fans! Last but not least, a present for bag enthusiasts: All collectors of luxury and designer bags should have one of our foxtail tags with leather straps: soft fur danglers in different colours like red, fox-coloured and rusty, white, black, intense green or grey. For each taste and for each bag colour there is a foxtail. Massive snap hooks and funky leather straps turn these danglers – which can also be used as fur key chains – into very attractive gifts and are beautiful accessories for women who love leather handbags, fur tags and luxury in general.